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Malaria remains a major cause of illness and death in the African Region. In Nigeria, it is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality accounting for about 30% of childhood deaths and 11% of maternal deaths. It is estimated by WHO that about 53 million cases occur annually. Nigeria accounts for 53% of malaria cases in West Africa and about 25% of the global malaria burden. It is also estimated that 81,640 deaths occur in Nigeria annually (about 9 deaths per hour). This is about 45% of total malaria deaths in West Africa and 19% of global malaria death. Additionally, at least one billion USD is lost each year as a direct result of malaria infections making malaria a leading cause of poverty, low productivity, and reduced school attendance.
The donor Partners including the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are supporting Government’s efforts toward a malaria free Nigeria. The National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) is one of the two Principal Recipients (PRs) of Global Fund malaria grant. NMEP is looking for qualified individual to fill the position indicated below at her office in Abuja.

Scope of work

To ensure Systems Management, Information Security and Data Protection; organization of all Data and Vital Records. Also includes Computer Advisory Services, System Integration between NMEP and GF systems. General IT support, dealing with hardware and software enquiries; working together with the team to deliver a professional high-quality service level.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Execute and manage system installation, including hardware and software troubleshooting. • Perform configuration and networking of all NMEP systems such as computers, printers, and other devices to ensure smooth operations.
• Conduct regular routine checks of all IT equipment, hardware and software including servers, workstations and personal computers, also troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve all hardware and software issues.
• Wireless network infrastructure management, network security management in compliance with COBIT, ISO and other industry standard.
• Power systems management, commissioning, and repair. • User and Professional level support in project systems and appropriate applications, provide proper guidance on hardware and software specification, and printing solutions. • Manage the backend and frontend of the corporate website and online presence. • Manage and maintain NMEP active directory for all user accounts, monitor all email systems and perform required system updates/upgrades.
• IT Quality Control and Management, Institute periodic security checks, perform audits of system logs for conformity to policy.
• Develop and review backup/disaster recovery plans and restoration systems for NMEP. • Directly responsible for ICT security, cyber security, governance, and ICT operations with a lens toward risk management, business continuity, and value-for-money. • Direct, design and implement policies and plans of actions for improving the systems architecture and technology infrastructure in office, to ensure appropriate technological solutions for client business needs and constraints, as well as effective management of contracts and vendors for ICT services.
• Create and maintain network documentation to include IP address, system access, email creation system, upgrades, and changes to original network, etc.
• Investigate local Internet connectivity options to obtain adequate bandwidth for Intranet and application connectivity.
• Update appropriate network security and data loss prevention procedures to safeguard system from physical harm, viruses, unauthorized users, and damage to data.
• Create, implement, and manage backup solutions for office/individual users and provide the necessary training on the use of these back-up solutions.
• Other duties as maybe assigned by the National Coordinator and Head of GF-PMU.

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