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Malaria remains a major cause of illness and death in the African Region. In Nigeria, it is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality accounting for about 30% of childhood deaths and 11% of maternal deaths. It is estimated by WHO that about 53 million cases occur annually. Nigeria accounts for 53% of malaria cases in West Africa and about 25% of the global malaria burden. It is also estimated that 81,640 deaths occur in Nigeria annually (about 9 deaths per hour). This is about 45% of total malaria deaths in West Africa and 19% of global malaria death. Additionally, at least one billion USD is lost each year as a direct result of malaria infections making malaria a leading cause of poverty, low productivity, and reduced school attendance.
The donor Partners including the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are supporting Government’s efforts toward a malaria free Nigeria. The National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) is one of the two Principal Recipients (PRs) of Global Fund malaria grant. NMEP is looking for qualified individual to fill the position indicated below at her office in Abuja.

Scope of work

The ICT4D (Information and Communications Technology for Development) Officer will support the delivery of various ICT4D related initiatives and services towards the successful implementation of digital malaria intervention in Nigeria. S/he will provide responsive, professional service and technical support to NMEP staff, state, and partners to ensure efficient operation and use of NMEP ICT4D strategy, information sharing, communication, and collaboration technologies. The ICT4D Officer would report to the ICT4D Specialist.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Configure and provide user devices with relevant applications, troubleshoot and address any issues with devices, networks, and databases to ensure optimal performance.
• Configure, deploy, and maintain Red Rose solution and relevant applications for digital malaria intervention implementations.
• Provide oversight and technical support to field staff, state, and partners for the implementation of malaria interventions using NMEP ICT4D strategy.
• Provide timely and quality service delivery, and relevant advice to user requests, utilizing approved feedback mechanism structure and communication channels. Also ensure prompt resolution and closure of all reported technology related issues and requests.
• Ensure appropriate monitoring and evaluation of project information and communication technology activities, including providing input to appropriate logical framework and indicator development.
• Develop and deploy training and capacity building initiatives, to staff, partners, and end-users to ensure efficient and consistent adoption and use of ICT/ICT4D applications.
• Manage databases, export, and analyze relevant data in a timely manner to meet approved internally and externally set deadlines.
• Prepare statistical reports on ICT4D/ICT related data and metrics. Also share required insights for process improvement, informed decision making and targeted monitoring.
• Develop and submit periodic and activity reports to meet statutory requirements and deadlines. • Provide input to budget for ICT4D related expenses.
• In collaboration with relevant staff, maintain inventory of ICT4D equipment, hardware, and software, and ensure adequate supply and functionality, both in the office and in the field.
• Any other responsibility as would be assigned by the ICT4D Specialist, Head GF-Programme Management Unit, National Coordinator and the Global Fund.

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