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VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – Health Product Management (HPM) Specialist  

Malaria remains a major cause of illness and death in the African Region. In Nigeria, it is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality accounting for about 30% of childhood deaths and 11% of maternal deaths. It is estimated by WHO that about 53 million cases occur annually. Nigeria accounts for 53% of malaria cases in West Africa and about 25% of the global malaria burden. It is also estimated that 81,640 deaths occur in Nigeria annually (about 9 deaths per hour). This is about 45% of total malaria deaths in West Africa and 19% of global malaria death. Additionally, at least one billion USD is lost each year as a direct result of malaria infections making malaria a leading cause of poverty, low productivity, and reduced school attendance.
The donor Partners including the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are supporting Government’s efforts toward a malaria free Nigeria. The National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) is one of the two Principal Recipients (PRs) of Global Fund malaria grant. NMEP is looking for qualified individual to fill the position indicated below at her office in Abuja.

Position: Health Product Management (HPM) Specialist

Scope of work

The overall role of the Health Product Management (HPM) – Specialist is to coordinate the effective management of malaria health products, including ordering, storage, distribution, utilization, reporting of logistics data in line with the Malaria Product Logistics Management System (PLMS). The HPM Specialist will be part of an enlarged team comprised of the central level Program Management Unit and PSM Branch teams that will be collaborating in the management of malaria Health products at the central and State levels of the system.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The HPM Specialist shall under the supervision of the HPM Team Lead, carry out the following activities:
• Timely placement of orders for health products on platform and effective tracking of the product across the supply pipeline and reporting on status for decision making.
• Under the coordination of the Team Lead, support and facilitate the national quantification and forecasting of malaria health products.
• Collaborating with other implementing partners, state SRs and stakeholders on the Grant to promote best practices in warehousing, distribution, delivery and reporting of malaria health products.
• Collation of data, computation, and analysis of the quantities of ACTs, RDTs & consumables, LLIN and other Malaria Health Products procured, received, and distributed by the GF Principal Recipients and NMEP.
• Coordinate receipt of SPAQ from all States implementing SMC for the GF project, including having visibility on SPAQ status from other donors for national decision.
• Prepare technical and status/progress reports on procurement and supply management of malaria health products and implementation of activities.
• Liaise with Supply chain Service providers (Chemonics) to collate Stock Status of malaria Health Products from the national and Axial warehouses on monthly basis and post LMD.
• Coordinate the implementation of the malaria PLMS activities in collaboration with the State SRs and the LMCUs.
• Communicate with State Sub-Recipient Logistics Officer responsible for malaria commodity management to ensure that reports are collected, triangulated and submitted at the stipulated times. • Monitor the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of submission of State BFSR and LMD plan and provide feedback to State SR and LMCU.
• Support the PSM officer in carrying out other procurement activities including Market surveys on costs of non-health products and updating the data base with the output.
• In collaboration with PSM Officer participate in Evaluation and analysis of tender/bids and writing comprehensive report.
• Any other responsibility as would be assigned by the HPM Team Lead.

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