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Advert notice – Consultant to support development of GC7 Project implementation plan



The Global Fund has conveyed the notification of Technical Review Panel (TRP) outcome to Nigeria following Nigeria’s application for the next funding cycle 2024-2026. The TRP has found the funding requests from Nigeria to be technically sound and strategically focused and has recommended for the country to proceed to grant making.
The purpose of the grant making is to translate the funding request to disbursement and implementation ready grants. One of the documents required for the grant making process is Project Implementation Plan (PIP). This is required to be developed by the Principal Recipients.

Also, the TRP has identified some issues/actions in the funding request that needs to be addressed and completed within specified period. These are found in the funding request review and recommendation form (i.e., Applicant Response Form). The Malaria Programme is expected to work with CCM and other organizations to respond to the issues.
In addition, the PRs/SRs are required to devolve some responsibilities to states under the new grant for malaria including allowing certain states to lead implementation of certain grant activities in line with the funding request submitted to the Global Fund. A capacity assessment of states has been carried out towards this end.

Position: Duties and Responsibilities
Scope of work:

The consultant shall work with the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) to provide support for the development of PIP for the GC7 for Malaria, country’s response to the issues by TRP and finalization of efforts for states capacity building plans. She/he will report to the NMEP National Coordinator. It is estimated that the consultant will require a minimum of 30 working days for this activity.


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