About Learning Hub


The NMEP Learning Hub has been created by NMEP learning team for all malaria program implementers. All the contents and resources you will find on The Learning Hub have been created in partnership with RBM partners and are designed to support the specific needs of health care workers, program managers, decision makers and other interested persons with regards to implementation of malaria interventions. It is a place where everyone can access and experience a range of professional development information, opportunities; build relationships and connect with colleagues as well as harness collective experience and expertise. NMEP learning hub is a technology-rich learning environment with both physical and virtual components that provide formal and informal opportunities for health workers to come together with peers, professionals and other experts in the field of malaria programming and epidemiology. It offers interactive online learning that include video, podcast, webinars, publications and written resources to help health workers gain a thorough and practical understanding of standards, frameworks and research about their work. The Learning Hub demonstrates NMEP’s commitment to providing quality information and learning materials to both health workers and the general public.