Engaging the Private Sector to Eliminate Malaria GON Strategy 2017
Malaria Case Management (MCM) Strategy for the Private Sector GON Strategy 2016
National Guidelines on CCM GON Guideline 2017
External Quality Assurance (EQA) Guidelines GON Guideline 2016
NMCN Basic Midwifery Curriculum GON Curriculum 2016
NMCN Post-Basic Midwifery Curriculum GON Curriculum 2016
Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) General Nursing Curriculum GON Curriculum 2016
External Quality Assurance (EQA) Standard Operating Manual GON SOP 2016
Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria, 3rd Edition WHO Guideline 2015
National Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment GON Guideline 2015
Malaria in Pregnancy Training Modules 2 and 5 GON Manual 2014
National Guidelines & Strategy for Malaria Prevention and Control during Pregnancy GON Guideline 2014
Facilitators Guide for iCCM Training GON Manual 2013
Training Manual for CHEWs and CORPs GON Manual 2013
National Guidelines on iCCM GON Guideline 2013
Case Management Training Module 2 for PHC GON Manual  
JOB AIDS      
Chart Booklet for CHEWs and CORPs GON Job aid 2013
On-the-Job Training Checklist for Case Management GON Job aid 2015
Recording Forms and Checklist for CHEWs and CORPs GON Job aid 2013
Malaria Case Management (MCM) in the Private Sector Global Fund Technical brief 2019
US President’s Malaria Initiative, Malaria Operational Plan USAID Operating plans 2019
Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention Programme Start-Up Guide Malaria Consortium Guideline 2015
Field Guide: Seasonal malaria chemoprevention in children WHO Guide 2013
WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement on iCCM WHO/UNICEF Strategy 2012
Case Management Guide for Participants WHO Manual 2012
Case Management Guide for Tutors WHO Manual 2012




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