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                                                 2013 NMCP STAFF RETREAT

1.     The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) with the support of its development partners held its Annual retreat for senior staff from the 4th – 6th of July, 2013 at the Public Service Institute of Nigeria, Kubwa Expressway, Abuja.

2.   The retreat was aimed at entrenching the culture of accountability, transparency and efficiency in Malaria Control Program implementation as well as realizing the following objectives;

·         Providing a clear understanding of the role of NMCP in Malaria Elimination in Nigeria;

·         Building the capacity of all NMCP participants in effective communication skills required in conducting Government business.

·         Engaging participants in the development of a tool for effective performance evaluation of staff.

·         Managing organisational change; Planning and overcoming resistance.

·         Managing conflict in the workplace.

3.     The retreat which was facilitated by Peltom Global Services adopted a participatory learning approach made up of paper and power-point presentations, discussions in plenary, group work and evaluation, feedback sessions, role plays as well as recreational activities.

4.    Some of the output of the retreat included;the review and redefinition of the roles and responsibilities of staff of the National Malaria Control Programme, a clearly defined document for NMCP staff appraisal developed for adoption in addition to a technically improved and reinvigorated workforce geared towards a better programme performance in the bid to achieving our vision of a Malaria-free Nigeria.

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